Going Away And Using A Pet Sitter? 5 Ways To Make Things Easier For You, Them, And Your Pet

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Using a pet sitter can give you a big sense of relief if you are going off on a trip and need to leave your pet at home. To make everything easier for you, your sitter, and your pet, follow the advice below.

Have Them Visit Before Your Departure

It can be jarring for your pet to have a stranger walk into the house, especially when you aren't there. To make your pet more comfortable while you're away, set up a time or two for the sitter to come around and interact with them before you leave on your trip. You can also use this time to watch how the sitter talks to and interacts with your furry friend; if you are not comfortable with these interactions, you still have time to contact another sitter before you leave.

Write a List of Special Instructions

Even if you talk to your sitter about specific things they need to know about your pet, writing a list will ensure that they have something to refer back to. For instance, if you would like them to play with your pet before walking because your pet won't eat unless they have been outside, let the sitter know.

Also consider additional directions about the house. If you would like them to turn the temperature down before leaving for the night, for instance, or leave the television on for your pet, write that down as well.

Ask About Contact

At some point in your trip, you're likely to want to know how things are going for your pet. Ask your sitter how that should be handled. What hours can you call them to ask about your pet? Can they take pictures and send them to you? Keeping in contact can help you feel more confident that your pet is being cared for.

Leave Keys with a Friend

Losing keys is not an uncommon occurrence, so there's a possibility that the pet sitter will misplace your keys throughout the course of their travels. Ask a friend or someone in your family to hang on to a set of keys for you so that the sitter can head over there if they've lost the keys you've given them.

Talk About Emergencies

It is also critical to talk about emergencies that could happen during the time you're away. For instance, it could be helpful to provide the sitter with contact information for your pet's vet. If your return flight is delayed, determine whether the pet sitter will be able to drop in on your pet until you're able to come home.

Most of all, it's important to find out what would happen if there is an emergency with the sitter. If the sitter's car breaks down or they are unable to make it to your home in order to attend to your pet, you need to know what will be done. Will they call in a colleague? Will you need to call a personal friend? Preparing for emergency situations will help you avoid becoming stressed out when you're in a completely different place and need to move quickly to fix any problems.

These suggestions will ensure that your trip will be a success for everyone involved. Contact a pet sitting service, like Katie's Kitty, for further guidance.