• 4 Things To Know About Before Agreeing To Acupuncture For Your Pet

    If you have a pet and your vet has suggested acupuncture treatment, here are three things that you need to know about acupuncture treatment before you agree to the procedure for your pet. #1 Type of Acupuncture Treatment Used Many people assume that all acupuncture treatment is the same. However, that is not true. There are various ways that an acupuncturist can simulate your dog's acupuncture points. The most common and well known method of simulating your dog's acupuncture points is with acupuncture needles.
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  • Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm At The Groomers

    If you aren't interested in cutting your dog's own hair, then you are going to likely hire someone to do it. However, you probably want the groomer to have as little difficulty as possible cutting your dog's hair. One way to help decrease the amount of difficulty that the groomer has is to make sure that your dog is as calm as possible. You don't want a dog that is spazzing out, because this will cause the groomer to worry that your dog will move suddenly, accidentally causing the groomer to cut him or herself.
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