• Four Good Reasons To Use Pet Boarding

    While traveling with your dog or cat can be enjoyable, there are times when taking your pet along with you is just not possible. Maybe you have to go out of town on business, visit a relative who is allergic to pet hair or to attend a family funeral-- all places where it would be awkward to bring your pet. If you remember pet boarding facilities from generations past, you might hesitate to board your pet while you're away.
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  • Become A Grooming Buddy For Your Aging Cat

    Grooming is a habit that cats learn at an early age. WebVet says that cats will spend almost 50 percent of their day on grooming activities. But as a cat ages, and their muscles become less flexible, grooming may become more difficult. They'll spend less time grooming, and their health can suffer for it. You can become a grooming buddy for your cat and make sure they stay in good shape.
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