3 Tips For Boarding Multiple Dogs For The First Time

Posted on: 24 September 2021

As the owner of multiple dogs, there are some challenges you need to prepare for when boarding them for the first time. When you have a trip planned and want your dogs to be comfortable while you're gone, you need to consider how the number of dogs you own can affect their stay.

Suppose you intend to board your dogs at a kennel rather than having a sitter stop by your home. In that case, you need to consider the following tips to increase the odds of them having a pleasant stay.

Decide Between a Single or Shared Kennel

Whether you keep your dogs in a kennel together or separate them at night has a lot to do with their sleeping preferences at home. If your dogs are crate trained and sleep separately at home, it's wise to do the same when they're staying at a kennel. Since being at a boarding facility can be a stressful experience for your dogs, it's best to keep things as similar as possible during their stay.

Asking about keeping your dogs separate or together during their stay can help you determine what the best fit is and what you can do to ensure that your dogs feel comfortable.

Check the Activities Offered

The activities offered at each boarding kennel should be inquired about to ensure that your dogs have enough stimulation to be comfortable. From walks outside to group play sessions, the activities offered should work with what your dogs like to do. There may even be limitations over activities your dogs can enjoy together, making it essential to ask about this before boarding your dogs.

Consider the Cost for Multiple Dogs

Multiple dogs can come with added costs for boarding, even if you choose to have them sleep in the same kennel at night. Checking if you get a discount for the second dog and inquiring about all the expenses can ensure that you're able to have your dogs stay at a kennel affordably.

Understanding the expense of boarding your dogs can ensure that your trip away from home won't be too expensive when you factor in the cost of pet care.

As you look for a boarding kennel to have your dogs stay at, you'll need to make plans with your needs in mind. Multiple dogs can come with their concerns for their stay, making the above tips essential to consider before committing to a specific kennel for your dogs to use during your trip.

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