Have An Overweight Dog? 3 Tips To Pick A Suitable Dog Boarding Facility

Posted on: 30 March 2021

As a dog owner, you may know all about your primary responsibilities such as giving them food, water, and exercise. However, since each dog is different in regard to its metabolism and ability to gain or lose weight, you may now have an overweight dog. If you want to work on lowering their weight, you should pay close attention to the boarding facility that you choose for them.

Play Area

When your dog is staying at a facility, you cannot walk them to provide reliable exercise on a daily basis. This makes it worth finding a place that has a large play area for them to play in on their own and with other dogs. If you want to encourage them to exercise on their own, you should look for features that might entice them such as playground equipment and obstacle courses.

Going on an in-person tour to see all the amenities and features offered to the dogs staying there is important because you may know whether they will appeal to your dog.


For your dog to lose weight, you will need to commit to feeding them less food while also getting them exercise. Boarding your dog does not mean that you have to give up a strict diet and feeding schedule. To make sure that boarding service will contribute to your dog's weight loss, you should find a facility that is willing to feed your dog measured food within certain time frames.

The most important part is that boarding employees only feed your dog a specific amount of food each day, so you should consider making this your top priority regarding food.

When you prepare for boarding, you should help the employees by dividing each meal into small bags as this will allow them to feed your dog quickly, easily, and accurately.


Being able to run around a play area is an excellent way for a dog to lose weight, but being overweight can put extra strain on joints and muscles. This makes it helpful to look for pet boarding facilities with a large dog pool that all the dogs can run and play around in. If you know that your dog loves to swim, you can look forward to them getting low-impact exercise during their stay.

If you want your dog to continue losing weight even when you board them, you should prioritize these features and qualities when picking a facility for them.