Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm At The Groomers

Posted on: 4 January 2017

If you aren't interested in cutting your dog's own hair, then you are going to likely hire someone to do it. However, you probably want the groomer to have as little difficulty as possible cutting your dog's hair. One way to help decrease the amount of difficulty that the groomer has is to make sure that your dog is as calm as possible. You don't want a dog that is spazzing out, because this will cause the groomer to worry that your dog will move suddenly, accidentally causing the groomer to cut him or herself. This will cause your groomer to work very slowly to avoid this situation. Here are some tips for keeping your dog calm at the groomers to avoid this situation.

1. Make the Groomer's Job as Easy as Possible

The first thing that you want to do is make the groomer's job as easy as possible by reducing how much detangling that he or she has to do. If your dog has long, beautiful hair that the groomer will not be removing, he or she will have to comb through all of the tangles that your dog has developed. If you brush your dog regularly, you will not only cause your dog to look good for a longer period of time and reduce how much your dog sheds, but you will also ensure that there is less for the groomer to detangle. This will allow you to ensure that your dog will not be groomed for hours and will instead have as short of a time being groomed as possible, which will reduce your dog's anxiety and allow him or her to stay calm the entire time that he or she is being groomed.

2. Stay the First Few Times

Find a groomer that you like and stick to him or her. The first few times that you take your dog in to be groomed, stay the entire appointment. This will allow your dog to remain calm during the appointment, which will allow the groomer to do his or her job more easily and more quickly. 

3. Reinforce Positive Behaviors

Finally, try to reinforce positive behaviors through small toys or small bits of treats that will help encourage your dog to be well-behaved while he or she is being groomed.

For more information, talk to local groomers, such as those at Keshlyn Kennels. He or she might have a specific way that he or she would like you to use to keep your dog calm.