What Are The Different Types Of Dog Groomers?

Posted on: 10 November 2016

Regular dog grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy, clean, and looking its best. Many dog owners do their own grooming at home or take their dogs to the vet to be groomed. While these are both good options, there are other ways to have your dogs groomed regularly. These are some different types of dog groomers that some dog owners may not be aware of.

Pet Salons 

Just like there are beauty salons for humans, some areas also have pet salons. In these businesses, the main focus is on providing services that keep your pet looking stylish and attractive. Dogs are one of the most popular clients that receive these services at a pet salon.

Dogs may be bathed, have their fur trimmed, nails trimmed and given a good brushing as part of the service. Some pet salons also offer more advanced services, such as styling or coloring the dogs fur with temporary hair color. This is common at salons that provide services for show dogs.

In-Home Groomers 

These groomers come to your home and groom your dog at home. The groomers bring all the necessary tools to ensure they can provide the proper grooming service you choose for your dog. This often includes bathing your dog in your own bath tub or sink. Some dog owners prefer this method because their dogs are easier to manage during grooming in the comfort of their own homes.

Mobile Groomers 

Mobile groomers are similar to in-home groomers because they also come to the dog owners home. However, these groomers normally drive a special van or other mobile unit that is stocked with all the tools and supplies needed for grooming. The dog is taken out to the mobile unit where the preferred grooming services of the owner are performed.

Corporation Groomers 

Corporation groomers are similar to pet salons, however they are normally larger businesses. These corporations may also sell a large variety of other pet supplies, such as pet food, house training supplies, pet clothing and other pet accessories.

There is usually a grooming area inside the building where all grooming services are performed. This area may be behind a glass window where the owners can watch while their pets are being groomed.

Some boarding kennels also offer grooming services. Dogs and other pets can be groomed while they are staying at the boarding facility. Many owners prefer this because their dogs are freshly bathed and groomed at the time they are picked up from the boarding facility. For more information, contact a pet grooming company in your area.