Two Winter Care Tips For Your Dog

Posted on: 25 January 2016

When you are a new dog owner, there are many things that may be on your mind when it comes to the new member of your family. Keeping your new dog as healthy and safe as possible likely weighs heavily on your mind as you begin to make them a true part of your household and become more and more attached to them. One of the factors that you may not have initially considered is the ways the season may affect the steps you take to care for your new dog. During the winter, for example, there are certain steps you will want to take to protect your dog from the cold and any related issues. Get to know a few winter care tips for your dog so that you can be sure you are doing everything you can.

Prevent Cold Exposure Injuries

The icy cold weather that has you bundling up and not wanting to step outside of the house does not just affect you, but also has a major impact on your dog as well. While it is true that a dog's fur will protect them somewhat, many breeds are not specifically designed for prolonged exposure to cold temperatures and snowy, icy weather. Dogs can get cold and suffer winter injuries just like you can.

To prevent this, you want to limit your dog's time outdoors in the coldest winter temperature to short intervals of time. Especially if it is significantly below freezing, your dog should only be outdoors to do their business and then be brought back in the house. If you need to get out and walk your dog for exercise, you may want to consider dog sweaters or jackets for added protection and warmth as well as dog booties. The booties are designed to protect the delicate and sensitive pads of their feet from extreme cold and freezing.

Take Care of Their Skin and Coats

Just as the cold, dry air in the winter dries out your skin, it can do the same to your dog. This can affect their skin health as well as the appearance and feel of their coat. Dry, flaky skin is common among dogs in the winter.

In fact, that dry skin can lead your dog to bite and scratch their skin so much that they can lose fur in the area, causing the condition to worsen. In order to prevent such issues, you can and should take your dog in for regular pet grooming appointments throughout the winter months. At the groomer, they will get bathed and brushed as well as have their coats conditioned and cared for. If you notice that your dog has the dry skin or irritation associated with dry winter weather, you can have your groomer use a soothing oatmeal shampoo to calm and moisturize the skin.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to care for your dog in the winter, you can get started and be sure that they make it through the winter months happily and healthily. Contact a local pet care facility, likeAbraxas Pet Resort, for more help.