3 Tips For Training Your Dog

Posted on: 23 March 2015

Dog training is a lot of work. Many dog owners become frustrated with training their dog because they feel like it takes too much effort and are not seeing the results quickly enough. It is important to be patient with your dog and understand, that just like humans, learning new skills and behaviors take time. Here are a couple tips for helping both you and your pet succeed with dog training.

1. Take Frequent Breaks

Although you can create a positive learning environment for your dog, recognize that they need time to just be a dog. Just like children who are in school take breaks for recess, dogs need time to play, run around, and not worry about pleasing their owner.

During the training it is important for you to stop when you are ahead. If the dog is performing well, make sure you reward the behavior and then give them some time off. You can play a game with them, or just let them roam outside. If you try to push them too hard, you might cause the dog to become frustrated and they will act out. It is better to avoid this and just take the training in baby steps.

2. Try To Do It Yourself

Although you can hire professional services, you should avoid giving the training completely to another person. Instead, use a professional's expertise, but be an integral part of the training. This will help your dog to know that you are the person that needs to be obeyed and followed. It will encourage you and your pet to have a more trusting and loving relationship.

The time that you spent with your dog while you are training can be very rewarding. If you give that opportunity to someone else you might miss out on important bonding.

3. Focus On Behavior Not Just Tricks

There are some dogs that are well trained to do tricks, but still have behavioral issues. When you are training your dog it is important that you focus on making your dog well behaved and safe to be around. If your dog is jumping on people, is too rowdy, knocking children down and a myriad of other problems, you might need to take a break on tricks and put all your attention toward teaching the dog to behave.

By using these simple tips you can be confident in training your dog. If you still have problems or questions, consider having a professional dog trainer help you. Talk to experts like The Pet Spot Pet Resort for more information.